Research Area A
Publications 2020


The removal of 5‐methyl‐deoxycytidine (mdC) from promoter elements is associated with reactivation of the silenced corresponding genes. It takes place through an active demethylation process involving the oxidation of mdC to 5‐hydroxymethyl‐deoxycytidine (hmdC) and further on to 5‐formyl‐deoxycytidine (fdC) and ... READ MORE


Lysidine (k2C) is one of the most modified pyrimidine RNA bases. It is a cytidine nucleoside, in which the 2‐oxo functionality of the heterocycle is replaced by the ϵ‐amino group of the amino acid lysine. As such, lysidine is an amino acid‐containing RNA nucleoside that combines directly genotype (C‐base) ... READ MORE

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