Crosstalk between Drp1 phosphorylation sites during mitochondrial remodeling and their impact on metabolic adaptation


Miriam Valera-Alberni, Magali Joffraud, Joan Miro-Blanch, Jordi Capellades, Alexandra Junza Loïc Dayon, Antonio Núñez Galindo,Jose L. Sanchez-Garcia Armand Valsesia, Angelique Cercillieux, Flavia Söllner, Andreas G. Ladurner, Oscar Yanes, Carles Cantó

Cell Reports, 2021, 36, 109565

Mitochondria constantly undergo fusion and fission events, referred as mitochondrial dynamics, which determine mitochondrial architecture and bioenergetics. Cultured cell studies demonstrate that mitochondrial dynamics are acutely regulated by phosphorylation of the mitochondrial fission orchestrator dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp1) at S579 or S600. However, the physiological impact and crosstalk of these phosphorylation sites is poorly understood. Here, we describe the functional interrelation between S579 and S600 phosphorylation sites in vivo and their role on mitochondrial remodeling. Mice carrying a homozygous Drp1 S600A knockin (Drp1 KI) mutation display larger mitochondria and enhanced lipid oxidation and respiratory capacities, granting improved glucose tolerance and thermogenic response upon high-fat feeding. Housing mice at thermoneutrality blunts these differences, suggesting a role for the brown adipose tissue in the protection of Drp1 KI mice against metabolic damage. Overall, we demonstrate crosstalk between Drp1 phosphorylation sites and provide evidence that their modulation could be used in the treatment and prevention of metabolic diseases.