Area A: Modifications on Nucleic Acids

Project A07 – The role of mRNA modification in the stress response of bacteria

Messenger RNA (mRNA) modifications and their regulatory significance have been poorly studied in prokaryotes. Project A07 (Jung) will contribute to this topic by focusing on the role of m6A and m5C mRNA modifications in Escherichia coli during adaptation to environmental stress. For the first time, the dynamics of mRNA modifications will be quantitatively correlated with the strength of stress responses. We will map m6A- and m5C-methylated mRNAs in the transcriptome, identify and protein chemically characterize m6A- and m5C-binding proteins ("readers"), and evaluate their significance in intact cells. The results of this project will not only provide insights into a new regulatory level in bacteria, but also contribute to the identification of antibiotic targets.